Our Approach

Why We Serve

as social entrepreneurs we believe in profitable sustainability: doing well by doing good, the better we do the more positive impact we have.

Circular Thinking

our ecosystem approach to environmental stewardship:

  • Health, Wellness, and Community Resilience.​
  • Education – diversity, and in parallel to mainstream.​
  • Energy Sovereignty ​​
  • Cultural Endurance – History, Language, Art, Belief Matrix.​
  • Economic Diversity – Spread Risk, Sustainable Growth, Seize the Opportunities. ​
  • Leadership​

done right, made easy: Simple to say, harder to do

(that’s the challenging part we love)

People & Nature-Based

we’re seasoned social entrepreneurs, deeply connected to our natural environments. All of us are avid outdoors people, striving to make a difference.

Indigenous Community Engagement

solving environmental or infrastructure problems is mostly about behaviour and attitudes, the technology is the easy part. So why shouldn’t a cultural, learning, community wellness center be wrapped in as well? Think differently, engage your community or team.

It all starts with open dialogue with Assured and our partners Clean Communities

Renewable Energy

in an era of CSR, ESG and net zero we help the transition to renewable energy. What’s the right mix of solar, wind, waste-to-energy or geo-thermal for you?

Triple Bottom Line Mindset

Assured balances people, planet and prosperity