Everything is energy,
Why waste it ?

Sustainable waste and water
treatment technologies made easy

“Our imperative is to drive social and environmental change, and our desire to see a lasting, transformational benefit to society sets us apart.”

Alistair Haughton, CEO

Refreshing how waste and energy is managed

The Assured team focusses on eliminating stale thinking…why use outdated lagoons and landfills when there’s better, less costly technologies that are easier to manage?

We remove obstacles, and create the right mix of solutions to match needs, avoiding huge engineering, equipment and operating costs.

Sounds simple, yet its here where the creativity comes in…designing-out unnecessary complication, making life easier, reducing costs and taking good care.

Your Needs

Typically our clients seek scalable and modular waste and water technologies that are easy to run, together with reliable long term support

Water Management


Waste Water Management

Eliminate pollution from Sewage lagoons

Assured actively eliminates polluting Sewage Lagoons: Why? their total cost is too high.

We partner with H2O innovations for proven, scalable, and environmentally sustainable solutions.​ One example is the compact, self-contained, plug and play H2O Silo:

  • No ground pollution.
  • Treated effluent is safe and can be placed directly onto food crops or trees.​
  • Bio-solids contain No Viral/pathogen vectors (can be used as soil amendment).​
  • Better than just “Cost Effective” – you “Set the Bar High”​
  • Easy 5-7 hours a week to run​
  • Monitored and supported by WTEC, Assured’s partner.​

Assured ‘s wastewater and reuse Treatment plants mean old lagoon sites can be remediated to a natural state.

Waste Water Management

Water Supply Management

Our partner H2O Innovation has an extensive track record of supplying drinking water systems. These include:

  • Reverse Osmosis / NanoFiltration
  • UltraFiltration / MicroFiltration​
  • Conventional media filtration
  • Better than just “Cost Effective” – you “Set the Bar High”​
  • Easy 5-7 hours a week to run​
  • Monitored and supported by WTEC, Assured’s partner.​

Our team is well-versed in designing and building systems with drinking water standards and certifications in the US and Canada, as well as internationally.

H2O Innovation has supplied hundreds of drinking water systems over the last 25+ years to provide safe, reliable and high quality potable water.

Water Supply Management

Solid Waste Management

Eliminate pollution from landfills

Eliminate pollution from Sewage lagoons

Dumped waste is pollution impacting the environment and people’s health. Typically this isn’t adequately addressed in smaller, remote or confined communities, until now.

Many isolated or ‘island’ communities’ landfill location was chosen years ago as a ‘dump & burn’ site. Dumps often lack engineered lining and leachate collection systems so polluting juice seeps into ground water sources. Simply burning garbage produces highly toxic gases without cleanly destroying waste.

Assured deploys WTEC’s clean waste destruction and management technology to solve this issue:

  • Gasification is clean waste destruction, not incineration
  • Proven over 30 years, designed to last + 20 years
  • Environmentally safe, fully containerized, standalone​
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Monitored in the background by our engineers​
  • Safely destroys municipal solid waste, red bag waste, animal carcasses,​
  • Full emissions compliance

Assured ‘s wastewater and reuse Treatment plants mean old lagoon sites can be remediated to a natural state.

Eliminate Landfill Pollution

Organic Waste

Reuse naturally renewable resources

Pellet Plants

Provide clean naturally renewable fuel

Assured deploy pellet plants where forestry waste, wood processing waste or agriculture waste such as sawdust, saw shavings, husks, straw and stalk can be made into pellet fuel.

Did you know? – Pellet carbon footprint can be neutral, or close to it. Heating with wood pellets can emit about 10% of the carbon compared to using oil. If sourced from sustainably managed forests the overall environmental footprint is drastically reduced in comparison with fossil fuels.

Energy.gov states “… pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel…”. Making the switch from oil heat to a wood pellet stove or furnace could lead to a 60 to 90% reduction of carbon emissions.

We are also keen to form partnerships with forestry or wood waste suppliers to provide financing for pellet plants that meet regional or international demand. Our ability to provide funding aids pellet plant deployment and can accelerate the development process. Please contact us for further details.

  • Wood pellets come from residuals and by-products from forestry
  • Agriculture waste pellets avoid landfilling or off-gassing of organic waste
  • Carbon neutral heating fuel
  • Pelleting process by-product is valuable as a soli enhancer
  • No risk of oil spills from pellet fuel when transported

Convert Wood Waste To Renewable Fuel


Cleanly convert organic/food waste to soil amendment

Treatment and disposal of food and organic waste remains an expensive problem. Tightening regulations, costly transporting and increasing disposal fees of water-laden organic waste can be avoided.

Deployed in communities, schools, hotels, malls, offices and farms Assured bio digestor technologies are an innovative solution converting organic waste to a soil enhancer – for inside farming?

  • Cleanly converts 100kg to 5 tonnes organic waste/day.
  • 70% to 85% volume reduction.
  • Reduced pollution from waste trucking.
  • Useable bi-product for soil, or fuel.
  • Enables compliance with landfill regulations relating to organic & process food waste.
  • Easy, odour-free & automatic process.
  • Low running costs & Very simple to use.
  • Continuous cycle, not batch-fed.
  • Monitored in the background by our engineering team.

Convert Food Waste To Soil Enhancer

Anaerobic Digestion

Convert organic waste to biogas

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a well-established technology that breaks down organic matter to produce biogas which can be used to generate electricity.

Due to the high capital costs and long build periods AD plants can be difficult to fund and require a more structured finance solution. Assured has specialized in this sector for a number of years and can provide both the funding and support to see a project through to completion.

  • Conversion of organic matter to biogas
  • Potential for renewable electricity generation
  • Odor reduction
  • GHG reduction
  • Soil amendment

Convert Food Waste To Soil Enhancer