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Solid Waste Treatment Systems

Designed for small communities seeking a clean and smart solution to landfilling or incineration, the mBOS is a proven gasification technology and management solution that provides a clean and affordable method to deal with batches of +/- 1 to 15 tonnes of waste per day.

Unlike other small-scale technologies the mBOS uses gasification/oxidation and have evolved via a long track record, require little input energy, are simple, efficient, effective, proven and self-contained for rapid deployment.

Without pre-treatment the mBOS takes any feedstock and cleanly converts it into inert bottom ash and enhances recycling where feasible. The mBOS process itself meets emissions standards and can include a fully containerized Emissions Control Systems module to meet any global air emission standard.

Each pre-configured and pre-tested mBOS can be permanently housed in 2-customized 40’ Sea Cans (Shipping containers) including a Service Module and a Process Module. The “plug-and-play” design allows the system to be setup and operational with minimal assembly.

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Organic Waste

Simple , clean and cost effective clean conversion of organic-only waste using robust and proven bio digestor systems: Why transport organic waste when it’s +70% water? Save costs and energy…

Simple, clean and easy organic waste biodigestor

✓Cleanly destroy 2 to 10 tonnes of organic waste per week.

✓ 70% to 85% volume reduction = significant reduction in pollution from waste trucking.

✓Produces a useable bi-product for compost, or fuel.

✓Enables compliance with landfill regulations relating to organic & process food waste.

✓ Quick, odour-free & automatic process.

✓ Low running costs & Very easy to use.

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