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Managed Services

Assured Renewables provides a practical solution within a robust set of easily deployable technologies. These are scalable for each individual community or client… and proven globally in all conditions:

Bureaucratic and institutional delays are avoided wherever possible to ensure solutions are implemented quickly, once approval from communities or leadership is obtained.

By being proactive clients are empowered by Assured Renewables, providing better value for their infrastructure budgets, creating employment and taking care of of health & well-being via our Managed Service model to provide:

We partner with Silent Springs Ventures to help deliver our Managed Service offerings:

Silent Spring Ventures (“SSV”) is a private equity fund formed to aggressively and proactively address the environmental damage and threats from waste and contamination through for-profit investment.

SSV strongly believes that, given advances in technology, waste and contamination can now be addressed privately, locally and wisely via a de-centralized model.  SSV is committed to supporting companies and projects that partner with them to address these global threats.

Mixed Solid Waste

The detrimental effects of inadequate dump site locations, garbage burning and poor waste management practices have increased over the years. Assured Renewables works with clients to solve this by deploying the robust BOS-Gasification system:

Organic Waste

Treatment and disposal of food and organic waste remains an expensive problem for many organizations. Tightening regulations and costly transporting of water laden waste to be dumped or expensively processed provide little benefit.

Deployed in schools, hotels, shopping malls, offices and farms our bio digestor technologies are an innovative solution which converts organic waste to a high energy biomass fuel and compost source.

  • Byproducts can be utilized to provide ‘free’ heating or hot water and for a compost.
  • No transport and disposal cost.
  • The process provides direct benefit at site – significantly enhancing the environmental credentials of clients who adopt it.

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See our  Technology page for more information on Assured state of the art, robust and agile systems for waste, water management. To discuss your needs Contact Assured