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Assured Renewables

The Assured Renewables team are social entrepreneurs and owners of sustainable technologies.

Assured was established under one vision:

“Our imperative is to drive social and environmental change and our desire to see a lasting, transformational benefit to society sets us apart.”

We only seek authentically sustainable benefit from the deployment and lifecycle management of best available waste treatment, water treatment and energy efficient lighting technologies.

Our sense of purpose is to make a difference, engage in and solve real issues and maintain relationships to produce further benefit. How? Assured brings together a combination of technologists, finance and engineering experts.  As owners of technology Assured has years of successful development, deployment and support, combined with reputable financing specialists in Canada and beyond.

Assured provides communities and commercial clients simple and cost effective ways to access clean, logical and proven infrastructure solutions for solid waste management, potable water supply, wastewater treatment and energy efficient lighting.

The Assured Renewables team has deployed over $100 million in clean technologies on 3 continents and many remote locations including islands and remote communities such as Old Crow in Yukon’s Arctic, Pacific Atolls and Alaska.

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